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Lanie is the registrar and healing 2 teacher at wildernessFusion. She lives in Pennsylvania with her partner Seamus and 2 year old son Dairmuid. She has many passions including homesteading, knitting, all matters of plant and ecosystem life along with an abundant farm and amazing garden she tends to daily. She is fun to converse with on just about anything as the woman has much wisdom to share!


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Abby is the director of communications and an assistant healing 1 teacher, healing 6 student and bodywork 2 student. She currently lives in Sequim, WA with her husband and three children, 16, 13 and 3 years old. If she has free time (which is hardly never between raising the family, soccer, traveling and work) she loves to run, garden, jump in cold water, workout and practice primitive skills. Abby is happy to help with any technical difficulties you may be having with the site or with primaltalks.

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