primal tools

wildernessFusion gives you the support and space needed to step into the places you resist so you can bring about what you truly deisire.
— healing 3 student
This journey is about you and finally choosing to feel again so you can begin to change the trajectory of your life.
— healing 1 student



t012 primaltools
August 25, 2019 (2 - 4 pm est)

NIASZIIHhealing has several tools that are essential for any healer. In this primaltalk we explore these primaltools so you can deepen your understanding of this philosophy. The students who uncover these tools during class apply them in their personal lives and in whatever way their healing practice might look. Please join Karl as he brings you on a journey into the landscapes of NIASZIIH.

Are you looking for something to shift in your life? These tools can help.

worlds within worlds

t015 Worlds within Worlds
September 24, 2019 (5 - 7 pm est)

In this session of primaltalk we will explore the worlds of mankind and their relationships between them, both internally and externally, including the Physical, Primal, Spirit, Void, Creator, Creation & Soul. 

Are you ready to learn to shift worlds moment to moment?

wildernessFusion is the most powerful mirror I have ever experienced in my life.
— healing 4 student




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