wildernessFusion gives you the support and space needed to step into the places you resist so you can bring about what you truly desire.
— healing 3 student
The journey of healing 1 helped me to uncover the feelings I was resisting and witness the communication instead of react in the moment.
— healing 1 student



January 19, 2020 (11:30 am - 1:30 pm est)
Only $5 introductory rate!

NIASZIIHhealing has several tools at its core that are essential for a healer. In this primaltalk we explore these primaltools so you the potential NIASZIIHhealing student can feel this philosophy, this modality of healing. What does NIASZIIHhealing look like for you? Please join Karl as he brings you on a journey into the landscapes of NIASZIIH. 

NIASZIIH What is it anyway?

NIASZIIH What is it anyway?
October 27, 2019 (2 - 4 pm est)

In this talk Karl will work with the simplicity of the philosophy, psychology, and mythology that our path offers us as healers. NIASZIIHhealing and NIASZIIHbodywork are not a bundle of techniques. They are toolboxes that allow us to become NIASZIIH - or the place of healing. How do you become the place of healing?



healing 1

wildernessFusion allowed me to find compassion for myself amidst the shame I have felt around my choices.
— healing 2 student